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What’s it all about? Part 2

So yesterday I wrote about why I’m in architecture, today I want to discuss where I see Lacey Architectural Services going….

From a financial perspective one thing that you have to come to terms with early on in your career in architecture, is that you’re highly unlikely to get rich doing it. Admittedly some do, but […]

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What’s it all about? Part 1

What is Lacey Architectural Services about?Is a question that I’ve been thinking about recently. I think it can be broken down into two parts, firstly why am I, Zak Lacey, in architecture? And secondly, what and where do I intend Lacey Architectural Services to be as a company?

Over two blog posts, (this and the next […]

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A guide to extending your home.

I’ve recently written a short guide to give to clients which outlines the process of extending a house. I’ve decided to blog the content of it it to see what you guys think.

Any questions or comments welcome!
Extending Your Home
So you’ve decided to extend your home, but aren’t sure what to do or how to do […]

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Sink or swim time!

So, a decision that had to be made, was made and I am now solely self employed! Lacey Architectural Services is now a full time venture and my only means of income!

So how am I felling about that?

Scared? A little, if I’m honest!

Excited? Yes, a lot!

Determined? Exceptionally!

Since I left full time education in 1996 I […]

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