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Several times in my 34 years, I’ve been likened in appearance to other people. Some good, some not so.

As a child, apparently, I possesed more than a passing resemblance to sad sack from the raggy dolls. Yes really.

In my teen years I progressed to looking like tennis star Pete Sampras

A few years ago, I walked […]

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The best staircase in the world.

Not sure what I think of the overall design of this house, but I want that stair/slide thing in my house!

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A whole new world…..

Having been a hardcore AutoCAD LT user for more years than I care to count, I’m currently in the process of switching over to Revit.

I’m beginning to think “Why on earth didn’t I do this MUCH earlier?”

I’ve dabbled with various 3D packages in the past, such as Sketchup and Rhino, and at a push I […]

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