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This is gonna upset some people

So the worlds largest offshore wind farm has been given the go ahead, it will be located off Lincolnshire and Norfolk, and there are plans to put an even larger one off the coast of Devon.

I should imagine there will be tears.

In fact I’ve already seen it described as “Environmental vandalism on a mass scale” […]

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What is Permitted Development

I’m pretty good with the catchy titles huh?

As much as it might grate with us sometimes, it is a good thing that we have a planning system in this country.

Yes I understand the argument that if you own a piece of land then you should be able to do what you want with it, and […]

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My good friends at Brighspace Architects have launched their new website today. Check it out!

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The Farrell Review

As you may be aware, The MP Ed Vaizey has called upon Sir Terry Farrell to recommend ways in which the government can promote good design. So in an undertaking imaginatively labelled “The Farrell Review” Sir Terry, ably assisted by a panel of others, will undertake a review of design in this country with the […]

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