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Lessons I’ve Learned in Business. Part 1

Having been self employed for a well over a year now, I thought it would useful (for me as much as anyone!) to put together a series of blog posts highlighting and expounding some of the things I’ve learned.

Clearly, my particular experience is within architecture, but I guess many of the principles will apply across […]

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Merryfield Close, Verwood.

Above is a photo of a project in Merryfield Close, in Verwood.

Essentially the brief was to extend over the existing garage roof to create extra bedroom space upstairs. Fairly straightforward you’d think, right? Wrong. Kind of.

Architecturally, it was pretty straightforward, but the process of getting to where we are int he above photo has been […]

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Verwood Project. Update No.3

Above, are a few photos from the project in Verwood I’ve been blogging about recently.

As you can see, the builders are really making good progress now, the existing roof is coming off, and the extension is pretty well up to first floor height. Exciting stuff, if you like sort of thing. which I do!

You’ll also […]

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