Having been a hardcore AutoCAD LT user for more years than I care to count, I’m currently in the process of switching over to Revit.

I’m beginning to think “Why on earth didn’t I do this MUCH earlier?”

I’ve dabbled with various 3D packages in the past, such as Sketchup and Rhino, and at a push I can knock up the odd (semi) convincing model but have always done all my working drawings in conventional 2D CAD.

Ok, so let’s go back a few steps, and answer the obvious questions, what are AutoCAD LT, Sketchup and Revit and how do they differ?

Well AutoCAD LT is pretty much the industry standard 2D drafting software, basically a clever electronic drawing board. Essentially you start off with a blank sheet and using various tools you “draw” your drawings in 2 dimensions inside the computer, but they remain very much 2 dimensional, and every drawing you need to produce has to be drawn separately – electronic lines on an electronic page.

With a 3D package like Sketchup, rather than just 2D images, you can create pretty impressive 3D drawings like