Several times in my 34 years, I’ve been likened in appearance to other people. Some good, some not so.

As a child, apparently, I possesed more than a passing resemblance to sad sack from the raggy dolls. Yes really.


In my teen years I progressed to looking like tennis star Pete Sampras


A few years ago, I walked into the barbers shop, and the lovely lady barber said, and I quote, “You’ve got the look of that Lewis Hamilton about you.” “Cool” I thought, until she followed it up with “You’re a lot fatter than he is though” Yes, really.



I can’t argue too much, it is a fact, I AM a lot fatter than Lewis Hamilton, but still……..!

Recently I’ve been working with the super cool guys and girls at BrightSpace architects, and, yesterday saw both a new high (kind of), and a new low in my lookalike career.

Firstly, it was alledged that I look like Uncle Ben of rice fame


Now, for someone who is knocking on for 80, Uncle Ben looks pretty good, but I’m in my mid thirties……

Secondly, I was likened to Vin Diesel.


Except strictly speaking, I wasn’t. Rather than looking like him, supposedly, I sound like him when I speak, and, do you know what, if it’s a choice between that and looking like a miserable eighties cartoon character or an octogenarian rice peddler, I’ll take it!

So, who do you look like?