For reasons that are too lame to explain, I’ve been away from the blog for a while…

But a few things have been happening here at LAS HQ….

Firstly, the company became Limited earlier this year, meaning that I’m now a director, which is all a bit grown up!

Secondly, I had the website redesigned, so that’s up and running now. While I was sad to see the previous site go, the new one offers more functionality such as being responsive and CMS, both of which I need now. There are a few issues to tidy up, but generally, I’m really pleased with it.

Thirdly, Lacey Architectural Services is now 3 years old, and this is where the Monday Mornings bit comes in. Aside from all the other benefits that come with being self employed, that “Monday morning” feeling just doesn’t exist in my life anymore. Facebook is normally crawling with people posting about hating Mondays, but I can honestly say I don’t have that anymore, I genuinely love my job. That Sunday afternoon feeling isn’t a companion anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all flowers and sausages being self employed, sometimes it’s tough, really tough, but you couldn’t pay me enough to go and work for someone else now, being my own boss rocks!

So seriously, if you hate Mondays, or suffer the Sunday night blues, do something about it. I did, and I haven’t looked back…..