So, a decision that had to be made, was made and I am now solely self employed! Lacey Architectural Services is now a full time venture and my only means of income!

So how am I felling about that?

Scared? A little, if I’m honest!

Excited? Yes, a lot!

Determined? Exceptionally!

Since I left full time education in 1996 I have always been employed by someone else. Being employed has some distinct advantages, such as a regular salary, sick pay and all the other associated securities, so stepping out from under that umbrella certainly is a stretch!

That said, I’m happy that I can make a good fist of this, work is steadily rolling in and I’m out and about networking and getting my name out there, so with any luck, this time next year Rodney….

Well, actually, unless there’s some class of lottery win I almost certainly won’t be a millionaire, very few people get rich in architecture, but as long as I can keep putting food on the table I reckon I’ll be happy!