Above, are a few photos from the project in Verwood I’ve been blogging about recently.

As you can see, the builders are really making good progress now, the existing roof is coming off, and the extension is pretty well up to first floor height. Exciting stuff, if you like sort of thing. which I do!

You’ll also note that there are some hefty lumps of steel going in, this is primarily to stop the house falling down, which we all hope it will do!

But in seriousness, using steel members to take the load as we have enables the property to be much more “open plan” and flexible design wise. Rather than having to have fixed structural walls on the ground floor, to hold up what’s above, the steel is used to transfer the weight onto the outside walls giving us much more scope for the layout downstairs. In this instance, the lady responsible for designing the steel is Claire Parrot, from CHP Engineering Projects.

Structural Engineers generally tend to get a bit overlooked in construction projects. Architects and other designers get the plaudits (or otherwise) for designing the building, but the process of designing and constructing any building is almost always a team effort.

I’ve worked with Claire on several projects now, and while I (along with the client of course) dictate the overall form of the building, it’s the Engineer who has to make sure it stands up, and so far, you’ll be happy to know they all have, so we must be doing something right!