What is Lacey Architectural Services about?Is a question that I’ve been thinking about recently. I think it can be broken down into two parts, firstly why am I, Zak Lacey, in architecture? And secondly, what and where do I intend Lacey Architectural Services to be as a company?

Over two blog posts, (this and the next one) I intend to tackle those questions.

So if someone was to phrase the question thus “why are you in architecture?” I might be tempted to to give a flowery response like:

“I’m in architecture simply for the love of it, I hope to inspire people and make the world a nicer place to be by impacting the built environment for the better….trees….light….open spaces blah blah.”

Or something.

That wouldn’t be my answer though, primarily because it wouldn’t be true. If I’m honest, the answer to the question “why are you in architecture?” is “because the bills won’t pay themselves!” I know this because I asked them to and they refused!

That said, I am in the privileged position of being able to honestly say I enjoy what I do. If you have to work, doing something you enjoy makes a world of difference. There are thousands upon thousands of people who hate their job, so I feel blessed to be able to put food on the table by doing something that isn’t simply a chore.

Being able to stand back and look at a building you’ve been involved in designing or building is a great feeling (unless you were involved in the IMAX building in Bournemouth I would imagine, then there would be an overwhelming feeling of guilt and shame…Fortunately it’s now being demolished and everyone can move on….)

Construction is in my blood, my Dad has always been in the industry, and from a very young age, before there were laws against it, I used to spend time on and around building sites, and while I wouldn’t say I was fascinated by the building process, I was certainly interested. Interested enough in fact to follow the old man into the industry, first as a Site Engineer/Agent, then making the transition from building to architecture when I realised that being on a building site a 7am in December does have it’s downsides!

So that kind of answers why I’m in architecture, but I guess the answer to the question “what and where do I intend Lacey Architectural Services to be as a company?” which is what I’ll be blogging tomorrow, will actually help to flesh out the answer to this question, so you’ll have to come back!