Work has recently begun on this project in Verwood.

Last year, the clients purchased the three bedroom property with the intention of turning into their dream home, and commissioned Lacey Architectural Services to gain planning permission. Working closely together, we came up with a scheme that seemed to fulfill the brief, but, sadly it was knocked back by the planners.

Following some strong language and grinding of teeth, we returned to the drawing board, (or more literally, the CAD workstation!) and reworked it until we had a design that the planners were happy with. In a (large) nutshell, the intention is to extend the ground floor, transforming what is currently a modest set of disjointed rooms into a free flowing open plan kitchen/dining/living area ideal for entertaining, and further seperate living space, as well as a utility room and a shower room.

On the first floor, there are currently 3 bedrooms all of which are hampered significantly by the roof slopes, so essentially, we’ve extended the roof out and up, which allows us to create a fourth bedroom and rearrange the other three, lessening the impact of the roof and ultimately giving four nice sized bedrooms.

In a few months it should look something like this….


Which, admittedly isn’t a million miles away from where we started, but in this context that’s not a bad thing. The temptation often is to try to do something very different when extending a property, especially in our age of Grand Designs. But in this instance trying to do something different would have been odd. While the other houses in the road don’t by any means all look the same, there is a similarity in Architectural style, if we’d come along and tried to stick a modernist box on the back it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. Due the the fact the building is rendered, we won’t have the usual problem of trying and failing to match bricks that you often get when extending a property.

So, with any luck, when it’s done it should sit nicely in its surroundings as well as fulfilling the client’s needs, but more on them next time!